Create a Brand Experience at Your Events

Events provide the opportunity of personal connection – a brand experience beyond interacting with your product or service. Your brand will be both the host and the belle of the ball, all while showing your guests a great time. Whether it’s increasing social media buzz, inspiring word-of-mouth marketing, promoting user-generated content, or reinforcing brand loyalty, events offer powerful potential for your brand.

Use interactive signage

Signage doesn’t need to be static. Use signage or displays that your guests can interact with by including QR codes, velcro additions, dry erase elements, and more. When guests have a chance to make their mark, it will deepen their personal connection with the brand.

At nonprofit Madelyn’s Fund’s Pink Bow Gala, guests could purchase a “bow” by making a donation in honor of a loved one and add them to a display wall of bows.

We’ve all seen champagne towers. What about a branded champagne wall?

Incorporate games like corn hole and bring your brand into the game pieces.

Create photo opportunities

Think beyond the photobooth to create photo opportunities for your guests. When you create Instagrammable moments through signage and displays, you will create social media buzz through your guests and help them create lasting memories with your brand.

A “Barbie box” at the Pink Bow Gala was on-trend and tied in Madelyn’s Fund’s all-pink branding. 

A Hollywood-style red carpet and step-and-repeat at American Humane’s Hero Dog Awards Gala reflected the elegance of the event and made the photoshoot central to the event.

Choose unique and useful promo items

Promo products are a powerful way to stay top-of-mind and promote word-of-mouth long after your event is over. However, keep your guests in mind when choosing promo items. Gift items that are truly useful and applicable to your guests’ unique interests.

American Humane provided their canine guests with bandanas to boast their award nomination, as well as water bowls that are practical for everyday use.

Share your mission

Events are a great time to share the mission of your business or cause while guests are fully immersed with your brand. Through signage or print materials, don’t forget to remind guests of the purpose behind the party.

Mission-based messaging was placed prominently at the Hero Dog Awards Gala’s entrance to create a powerful ambiance upon entering.

At the Pink Bow Gala, posters shared testimonials by those positively impacted by donations.

Explore multi-dimensional displays

Tell a story with unique displays beyond typical flat signs and print materials. When signage plays with form, it adds intrigue, invites conversation, and transforms venues into a space that feels truly yours.

Layer signage with multiple pieces, shapes, and colors.

Free-standing displays like these not only add visual interest but communicate important information.

Dazzle in the details

While sweeping signage can be eye-catching, think of incorporating your brand into every little element of your event. Branded details show a level of thoughtfulness and consideration that makes every touchpoint personal.

Incorporate your brand into every exciting event attraction, like the fare!

When determining all the special touches to create a brand experience at your event, keep things consistent from the signage to the promo items. Consistency is the glue that holds your brand identity together, reinforcing brand recall, so all items should align with an overarching, consistent look and feel. 

Understanding your audience will ensure you’re reaching your customers in a meaningful way beyond brand recognition. Walk through the event experience from beginning to end as if you were a guest and consider opportunities to reach them in ways big and small.

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